11 Shows GMA News TV Should Have Really Never Aired

NOT BEARING any further grudges, GMA News TV is supposed to be a news channel at par with veteran ANC and the younger CNN Philippines.

However, during the past 6.5 years, our expectations are far from materialization as critics began to see the flaw and became irritated with the inclusion and expansion non-essential programming composition in the middle-aged channel as if they are comparable to a tabloid newspaper than a broadsheet. Some of us called it QTV 2.0, GMA Balitakilya TV or GMA Sari-Sari TV than the current (mislabeled) name.

While most – but not all — newscasts, public affairs programs, and documentaries whether made for that channel or carried over from its older sister channel after original airing are essential, few of the programs and the non-essential genre should be relocated or terminated – at least, gradually.

Aside from the movie blocks, home shopping and Koreanovelas that are finished in Channel 7, here are the 11 specific shows GNTV should have never aired (as of press time).

NOTE: The list is not sorted in a particular order and is excluding programs produced and provided from ZOE/Light Network, as they are contractually committed.


 Michael Angelo Lobrin

Starring Michael Angelo F. Lobrin, the Sunday afternoon show converted this year from an inspirational comedy talk show into a lighthearted and wholesome sitcom. The last time a sitcom was aired over Channel 11 was Ay, Robot! (starring Ogie Alcasid, Ryza Cenon, Eunice Lagusad and former StarStruck kid Sam Bumatay).

He should move his show to the main channel if only the concerned execs should stop being so greedy and braggart in prioritizing SPG-laced, masa-oriented entertainment.

Good News

Good News FB cover

At a first glance, this show would’ve gotten a rundown of the week’s positive and uplifting news stories like the 24 Oras‘ segment of the same title. In reality, it’s a half-magazine program, half-cooking show with much emphasis on the latter. Hence, Media Newser Philippines taunted as Food News in their 2014 year-end report. Instead of Vicky Morales, the actual headliner is another former StarStruck Kid, Bea Binene.



No need for further elaborations but who in the right mind puts a weekly romantic anthology on a “news” channel.

Taste Buddies

Taste Buddies

As a weekly lifestyle show for sassy female millennials, one can easily call it their equivalent of then-Studio 23’s Us Girls minus one girl. Coincidentally, one of the Us Girls presenters, Iya Villania, was Solenn Heusaff’s buddy from 2014-16.

Whatever you say it, it’s time for them to wrap it up.

News to Go

NTG 2017

Presented by Howie Severino and Kara David, it was originally aired an hour-long edition at 9:00 a.m. was good. When Dobol B sa News TV revived and lengthened this year from three to five hours, it was moved to 11:00 but it ran half of the original.

Considering now as a neighbor to the comprehensive Balitanghali, Ralph called it unnecessary as it was just a mere recap of yesterday’s stories. Speaking of 11:00…

Every Day Sarap with CDO

Jennylyn Mercado

Even if it is off the air as of press time, The Turf believed this vignette should deserve in the list and it rightfully says so. Presented by Jennylyn Mercado, this vignette airs two to three times a day for lunch and dinner recipe ideas using – you guessed it – CDO products.

However, this particular show is responsible for reducing and delaying the advertised time slot of News to Go (mentioned earlier) by 10 minutes.

Speaking of condensing, beginning this Monday (August 28), she will team up with Betong Sumaya on the new season of Dishkarte of the Day (ugh, so much for the promotion of a returning vignette for repetitive misleading a promotion of the public’s need of information).

Either way, it would have been a good replacement to Del Monte Kitchenomics by moving it before Trops (weekdays) or Eat Bulaga (Saturdays), as Ralph would recommend. Oh wait, it’s full as we already have San Miguel Pure Food’s Home Foodie but in the weekday mornings and we have too much. Speaking of cooking shows in general…


Idol sa Kusina

Idol sa Kusina-6

As it said on the tin, this another cooking show (presented by Chef Boy Logro and his current sidekick Chynna Ortaleza-Cipriano) focuses on different recipes from an exclusive and slacking Kapuso guest star every week – sorry, Maine Mendoza does not qualify unlike her better half, Alden Richards.

While his show went on, he was the star of both Kusina Master and Basta Everyday Happy on the main channel but both failed and this, stuck on this Sunday night program.

Sure we love his funny accent, antics, and assistants (B1 and B2) but we think Boy Logro should try to be a judge of a cooking competition just like MasterChef (oops, the rival acquired our local franchise from 2011-13 on both junior and adult iterations). Speaking of franchises

Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle

No, it’s not about our local iteration aired on their main channel that was hosted by Michael V and Iya Villania last year but the original (U.S.) one.

For Pete’s sake, it’s supposed to be a News TV not QTV! We all know the obvious solution – just get rid of it.

News TV All Sports


Contrary to the name, this Sunday morning show, presented by Chino Trinidad, focuses mostly on boxing with a Batang Kampeon segment.

Best suggestion for that is to establish a dedicated sports news program similar to CNN Philippines’ Sports Desk or S+A’s The Score. However, Chino has other committed ventures (e.g. managing Pilipinas HD) but he can delegate to his other colleague, Mark Zambrano but it urgently requires more talents in the sports beat.

Tonight with Arnold Clavio


Carried over from Q, TWAC is a late night show by veteran journalist Arnold Clavio. It has a band similar to common late night shows in America, they have special celebrity guest stars like Gandang Gabi Vice but there is no live audience.

At this time, this show is deemed inappropriate for the current channel. A curious yet sensible child with might ask, “Why does it call a ‘News’ TV if one of them hosts an informal talk show?

Day Off


One of the two original QTV programs – other being Ang Pinaka — that survived and carried over to News TV. While the original hosts, Carmina Villarroel and Pekto, passed on to Janine Gutierrez and Ken Chan, the reality program that awards people with a day off from their job is not appropriate for a news channel like this. They have two choices: either move it or lose it.

Do you agree with the list? Share and feel free to comment if you have any disagreement.

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  1. How about Talking Points with Rose Solangon? Panay interview yan sa mga pulitiko. Parang binayaran yan.

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