The Wrongdoings of PH News Channels

[Requested by and assisted with JC Domondon. NOTE: The writer would like to apologize to CinemaSins but the content you are about to read is serious than humorous.]

NO NEWS CHANNEL — whether cable or free — is without sin.

In the Philippines, we currently have six news channels and each channel has a disadvantage.

To be fair, the errant yet unavoidable common ground of the four comes from journalist watchdog Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR). They called them out last year for sleeping on the news cycle during Holy Week.

In this series, let’s imagine if you are a news channel purist or prudent (NCP), believing that news channels should focus more on news and lifestyle akin to UK’s BBC World or Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia and investigate deeply on what each news channel’s flaws.


The veteran news channel of the country would point out — other than political angle — their religious programs: such as Kerygma TV and The Word Exposed.


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Aside from that, a handful of live entertainment specials like Mr. and Ms. Hannah’s Beach Resort Eco Tourism Ambassadors every summer (also carried on PTV) and the Star Magic Ball every September that aired there should have been moved to their mother network. Unfortunately, both would need a lot of throughput time for producers to condense and fit over the limited time before putting to the earliest available Sunday’s Best slot.

Luckily the former has done it but the requester still opined if ANC would remain to cover the Ball fun this year — even if the new Metro Channel exists.

Aksyon TV

Launched a week ahead of GMA News TV in 2011, they used to air 24/7 until 2013.

If we step into their shoes, the purity of news channel ended when AKTV on IBC ended its deal on May of that year (5 years as of press time) and decided to put sports in that channel — but the worst has yet to come.

They lack new episodes of most of their public affairs programs (whether regular or vignette) and thus, they have no choice to but to air reruns, movie blocks and home shopping. In addition, some plugs are outdated but they are not updated. Worst of all, a handful of talents were served in the government, particularly Martin Andanar, as his voiceover remains.

From the Tube (FTT) made a laundry list last year to the concerned management but to no avail, they did not resolve all of it. Ever since the deal with ESPN, the carrying over their overflowing deals with sports leads to such utter neglect.


GMA News TV needs no explanation as FTT and this blog discussed their programming for a very long time.

Obviously, you are not happy on this channel with religious programming. In practice, GMA News TV is a tenant as the channel is owned by the Villanuevas and their Jesus is Lord Church.

We already listed last August on the 11 programs that are no-nos. Weekend movie blocks, though not included there, are not exempted to this detailed criticism. In addition, the airing of the Tagalog-dubbed Sonic X also fails to live up to its name.

Not to mention, what makes it irritable is when GMA News TV’s newscasts continue to roll the long credits after their news — which is permissible during Christmas and New Year’s Eve for the camera crew to greet their families who cannot come home — and disrupt them to the pre-program MTRCB advisory a few seconds later.

CNN Philippines

Thought to be a paragon of a news channel — despite the compliance from Media Newser Philippines (MNP) over entertainers masquerading as journalists (EMAJ) without sacrificing the quality — you would beg to differ and argue that airing SM Megamall’s Sunday TV Mass is an impeccable sin.

F4 Southeast Asia Championships

Just last Saturday, they aired F4 Southeast Asia Championships. Petron, which is owned by the channel’s long-time dominant advertiser San Miguel Corporation, was one of the sponsors over the racing highlight. The requester thought this incident was nothing new as it has been done months or a year ago.

As long as Ramon S. Ang will continue to mingle, as Domondon opined, it’s a “helpless situation.”

DZRH News Television

Many people do not know that this news channel exists but few know about it because of Mocha Uson and her banter last year.

Other than that, you would also criticize for covering the Aliwan Fiesta every April and other events hosted in the Aliw Theater, where Manila Broadcasting Company’s three radio stations (DZRH-AM 666 kHz, Love Radio 90.7 FM and Yes 101.1 FM) are situated.

Global News Network (GNN)

This news channel, owned by First United Broadcasting Corporation, may have the purpose of nation-building with more emphasis over Congressional affairs than the rest but for you, the only speck of dirt will be the syndicated airing of Oras ng Himala.

Thoughts on One News Channel

Come Monday, this new Cignal-exclusive news channel will be the seventh overall – fourth in cable — in the country, replacing Bloomberg Philippines after their full license is expired. They still carry programs from the said international business channel but lesser than before but they will include BusinessWorld Live.

How will the Turf say about it?

By its name, it is vague and it can confuse with those from New Zealand’s public broadcaster.

In terms of talents, they include current News5 talents such as Ed Lingao, repatriates such as Jove Francisco and limelight comebacks such as the Probe Team’s Cheche Lazaro and former ANC anchor Cito Beltran. However, carrying over Shawn Yao is another story.

It makes MNP patrons disgusted as she was classified as an EMAJ. However, smart-sounders, who are outside of the group, expressively and radically begged to differ that game show hosts or entertainers can be journalists as voice quality and recognition is concerned.

Nonetheless, whatever MVP is investing on this new venture, good luck but if it fails or lasts at a short time — well, imagine our surprise.

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[Screengrabs are from requester JC Domondon]

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