#LessThan200Words: On 105.9 Like FM

(Requested by Rexdel Yabut Mallari. Apologies for the rush writing but the Turf is not done yet.)

THE RUMORS and observations this closing month from PinoyExchange over DWLA 105.9 FM in Metro Manila came true.

Retro 105.9 shut down last Friday without formal notice — despite the warning signs — and is replaced with 105.9 Like FM, for the sixth try (fifth under blocktimer since 2003), the following day. The genre of the newly branded radio station is leaning to adult Top 40 or a mix of current and classic hits.

For the shocked and non-oriented loyal listeners, many reasons why the format change: both neighbors’ (FM2 104.3 and Wish 107.5) rise, dwindling listenership (translating into low revenue), migration of DJs and outstanding and unsettled obligations from the last blocktimer.

Because of that, the aforementioned requester knew the situation will go worse but he made suggestions on who would be the next investor to the reliant radio station.

But now that the format was settled, will they endure with that format or will it still be an unsurprising jinx in the next four years or so? Only time will tell.

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  1. Reblogged this on From the Tube and commented:
    Retro 105.9 quietly signed off without any publicity. So what are the reasons why this station fell from grace, and how will its replacement Like FM be able to fare in a tough radio environment?

  2. Like is basically an Adult Top 40 station right now, trying to beat Mellow. 105.9 is already long unstable dahil sa losses. Retro is already full in internal problems tapos may di pa silang nabayang utang.

    1. You said so.

      I imagined 105.9 as a “Doctor Who” but no, because of the litany of jinxes and the corresponding changeover, I think it is better to be called the “IBC-13 of the FM Radio.”

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