Dead End for 2nd Avenue

2nd Avenue logo

It’s the end of the road for 2nd Avenue after almost 12 years.

UPDATED: June 4, 2018 @ 05:42

[Requested by Jason Angelo Nagar]

THE MONTH is coming to an end but another channel will facing the dead end.

By Tuesday (June 5), Solar Entertainment Corporation’s 2nd Avenue will be part of TV history after 12 years of partnership operation and analog transmission. The timing of the closure came just as the regular U.S. television season ended (from September to May) and the new slate for the next season has announced.

Initially launched as a spin-off to ETC, ETC 2nd Avenue started as a test broadcast on December 15, 2005, and had its full launch in 2006 on cable. The channel was later renamed to its present name on January 17, 2007.

Like ETC, it’s a spillover for American-imported drama series (one of them is Suits where Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex was once starred), lifestyle, entertainment news programs (e.g. Entertainment Tonight & Inside Edition), talk shows (Ellen), sitcoms, reality shows (e.g. American Idol & Hell’s Kitchen), movies, and infomercials (Shop TV).

One time, they also aired NBC’s morning show Today before moving to Talk TV (the predecessor of Solar News Channel and CNN Philippines).

In 2008, as part of its parent company’s blocktime agreements with multiple terrestrial channels, 2nd Avenue made its debut on Ramon Jacinto’s RJTV on Channel 29 in Metro Manila and affiliated stations nationwide. RJTV’s RJ Sunday Jam and Thank God, It’s RJ was retained and integrated with 2nd Avenue’s programming.

The channel’s identity at inception was green, white and black until 2014 when it simplified to green until 2016 to become orange and black.

Come June 6 (Wednesday), this channel will be reinstated on its original name, injecting news from their AM counterpart (The Voice of the Philippines, DZRJ 810), from 8TriMedia and a new infomercial blocktimer (Shop Japan). This restored channel will be the second channel to go fully-digital after Light TV 33 last year.

Nonetheless, what are they going to do with the final programming, Solar decides that the Hollywood entertainment news programs will be carried over to the sister channel and the rest will either be put to Jack TV or an exclusive channel on their (or otherwise) reportedly new digital TV box, the Easy TV Super Digibox.

Regarding the new competitor to TVPlus, that will be discussed by someone in another time.

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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Solar Entertainment Corporation


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