Victor Magtanggol to Defend Against FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

THE ALDUB NATION will troop back on GMA primetime after a year but this time, only male half of the duo (Alden Richards) will challenge as Victor Magtanggol, the 10th adversary against FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Directed by Dominic Zapata and originally titled as Mitho, the drama action-fantasy series is inspired by Norse Mythology, specifically on Thor (portrayed by Conan Stevens).


As the Ragnarök draws near, Thor will order his son, Magni to hide his Mjölnir (hammer) until there’s someone right to inherit it. Magni will go to the world of mortals to wait for the new taker of Mjölnir where he will meet Victor Magtanggol, an OFW based in Canada who is looking for his lost mother, Vivienne (Coney Reyes).

Victor eventually must learn how to use the Mjölnir to protect the world and his loved ones from Móði (Pancho Magno), another son of Thor, who is upset of not inheriting the weapon and Loki who plans to spread chaos in the mortal world.

With the help of Magnus (John Estrada) and Sif (Andrea Torres), the former wife of Thor, Victor will embrace his fate as the new defender while being an honest and exemplified member of the family.

Cast Members

In addition to Richards, Torres and Estrada, Janine Gutierrez will be Gwen Regalado, a field reporter. Supporting cast includes Al Tantay, Yuan Francisco, Chynna Ortaleza, Dion Ignacio, Lindsay De Vera, Kristofer Martin, Reese Tuazon, Benjie Paras, Freddie Webb, Eric Quizon, Maritoni Fernandez, Lucho Ayala, Fabio Ide, Miguel Faustmann, Christian Bautista, King Badger and Flow-G of hip-hop group Ex Battalion.


While it will be emanated in 1080i, the theme song is performed by ExB featuring Richards. But that’s not the point…

While the ADN went into full force in promoting the teleserye, former or non-ADN netizens were not happy as they compare with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) of the ambitious yet successful Marvel Cinematic Universe — the same motive and style for calling out Alyas Robin Hood for plagiarizing The CW’s Arrow back in 2016.

Like in ARH, VM’s creators defended the iteration as this part of Norse mythology is on public domain and the premise is deviously different from the MCU.

Will this scandalous comparison redeem Victor and save this run against Cardo Dalisay?

We’ll find that out when Victor Magtanggol premieres this Monday, airing weeknights after 24 Oras on GMA.

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