Day: 01/07/2020

On Sarah G’s “Tala” and the Rise of OPM Dance Challenges


WHO SAYS OPM is dead? Well, it’s just a bit slow.

As we kicked in the new decade, this song of Sarah Geronimo from 2015 has surfaced over the social media.

The song’s music video, choreographed by Georcelle Dapat-Sy’s G-Force, was released on the following June.

During its debut, it charted at No. 1 in MYX (daily and weekly) and MTV Pinoy (weekly). It placed second on the daily charts on MOR 101.9 and eighth on the weekly Pinas FM 95.5. At its revival, the song reaches Top 10 in every music streaming service.

Within that period of the initial release of that sleeper hit to its revival, several artists from Viva and ABS-CBN performed their dance cover to the song. In addition, the song’s melody was used for Jollibee’s Burger Steak featuring Anne Curtis (her fellow Kapamilya-cum-Viva talent).

Tala became one of the 10 best OPM songs of the decade, according to CNN Philippines. According to author Ian Urrutia, it became a club sensation years after its release and became a new LGBT anthem.

Indeed, netizens have concluded a moral lesson behind the revival: Be patient.

Due to the acclaimed success, the Pop Princess leads the dance party last Sunday on ASAP (celebrating its silver anniversary this February) in order to distract the newcomer All Out Sunday.

In general, challenges — whether by dance or any acts (like Ice Bucket for ALS in 2014) — has been part of the pop culture of the preceding decade. In such matters, it would eventually pass out in the account of our shorter attention spans.

With that in mind, how long will this last? Which music hit will replace and outshine Tala? Let us know in the comments section.

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