Article Requests Mechanism

UPDATED: November 18, 2020

TAKING EFFECT: December 12, 2020 (for the 2021 season)

Permitted Places to Request

The following places are article requests permitted:

Please do not send requests through the personal account. We will reject them outright.

Popular Request Mechanism

There will be three stages. The deadlines will be posted at our discretion.

Stage 1

Requesters (i.e. you) can make up to four topics; programs, media incidents and issues are preferable. It should include a target date.

If the topic has happened or will certainly happen within 5 days (before or after), it will be written at a convenient slot. Otherwise, it will be on the waiting list to be decided Stage 2.

Stage 2

If the open slot has reached up to four topics, the decision will be laid to the Tambayan to vote upon.

Should there be at least nine (9) members in favor of one of the options in the Tambayan Group, it will advance to Stage 3.

Should they choose the “RESET PROPOSAL PROCESS” option, it will go back to Stage 1.

Stage 3

Once the voting threshold is reached, they will face against our proposal in a head-to-head vote. Whoever wins will be acted upon with the corresponding publication date.



Expect the slots to run out or delay due to the following circumstances:

  • Complicated topics requiring more than one part of the posting.
  • Unexpected and even more urgent topics.
  • Someone already wrote a piece on that topic.