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Timow’s Turf Midyear Report 2021

[Updated October 22, 2021]

ONE YEAR AGO today, the House of Representatives triggered a mercy shot on Mother Ignacia, completing the President’s premeditated plot that was four years in the making. The repercussions triggered around the national TV industry amidst the global pandemic. 

For GMA Network, it’s given them inevitable crowning glory and a free pass.

For TV5, it triggered the execution of the revival of local entertainment after four years.

For CNN Philippines, it signaled a pivotal moment for aiming for serious, in-depth news and current affairs.

For the state-owned and controlled media entities (PTV and IBC), an urge to change their paradigms and compete with them. 

But did it work out well?

We are now past the midpoint of 2021 — the first full year without the trailblazer, a time to restore from the effects of the pandemic and a resolution to adapt to better normal and reformation of their respective image. 

For the TV industry, is there life after Mother Ignacia? If so, how would we rate them?


#TheFilipinoDecides2016: The Fault in Our (Voting) System


What do these numbers mean for each candidate?

What do these numbers mean for each candidate?

AFTER CASTING your ballot at your precinct, you glued in to the results on television when the polls are closed. You watched closely the figures on where your vote belongs on but many voters don’t know how their votes will go.

On this #TheFilipinoDecides2016 post, we will tackle in on voting systems.