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Timow’s Turf Midyear Report 2021

[Updated October 22, 2021]

ONE YEAR AGO today, the House of Representatives triggered a mercy shot on Mother Ignacia, completing the President’s premeditated plot that was four years in the making. The repercussions triggered around the national TV industry amidst the global pandemic. 

For GMA Network, it’s given them inevitable crowning glory and a free pass.

For TV5, it triggered the execution of the revival of local entertainment after four years.

For CNN Philippines, it signaled a pivotal moment for aiming for serious, in-depth news and current affairs.

For the state-owned and controlled media entities (PTV and IBC), an urge to change their paradigms and compete with them. 

But did it work out well?

We are now past the midpoint of 2021 — the first full year without the trailblazer, a time to restore from the effects of the pandemic and a resolution to adapt to better normal and reformation of their respective image. 

For the TV industry, is there life after Mother Ignacia? If so, how would we rate them?


The New Generation of P-Pop: The Story Behind, Beyond and Points to Raise Out

[Requested by MJH]

IN THE TURN of this decade, K-Pop seems to go up the ante like MOMOLAND, Blackpink, TWICE and the most globally-renowned of them all, BTS.

Inspired by these screams in social media by their fandoms and moots (mutuals, for short), our pop music, P-Pop, was born for the new generation amidst the accustomed marketability of classics and ballads performed by individual performers and duos.

The birth of P-Pop would be reminded by their fans that original Pilipino music (OPM) is pretty much diverse, alive and well. It will not only encourage the order to air our very own on traditional media as required by the prevailing laws and orders (most notably on EO 255, s. 1987, where at least four OPM songs must be played per broadcast hour), but it will also flourish the promotion of culture and the arts of the country.

But how did this new phase of our pop music come to be? What will be the future? What are the points of concern to consider?


The State and the Future of Franchised Programs in the Philippines

[Requested by JC Domondon with slight modification]

ON the Quarterly Open Pit (QuOP) a bit more than a week ago, I whimsically tinkered about the fate of five international franchised programs that had a run here in the Philippines.

Of the five TV show franchises I selected, three were on the recent hands of ABS-CBN and one each that used to be on GMA and on TV5.

In the past 10 years, the most-talked media conglomerate had the virtual monopoly on these specific types of programs because they have the money to afford it and in return, make better yields.

The library of program franchises that Mother Ignacia had in the past decade is split into two: the game show group and the reality/competition show (R/CS) group.

The GS group contains Bet on Your Baby, Deal or No Deal, Family Feud, and Minute to Win It.

This particular cluster, save Bet on Your Baby, was mired with criticism for having their non-committed stars playing as contestants while barring ordinary folks for the same opportunity. As they knew the scheme, this group of shows was ditched before the decade ended in favor of the next group.

The R/CS group contains the likes of Pilipinas Got Talent, World of Dance and Your Face Sounds Familiar.

On that group, some of them made an offshoot from the regular editions like having teens’ and kids’ versions; such offshoots are counted as official versions.

Some of them were memorable (Pinoy Big Brother‘s live weekly eviction nights) and few would just be forgettable (Idol Philippines and their selection of judges).

In both groups, the most irksome of these is the eliciting humor for at least a few moments every episode from any of the hosting trinity (e.g. Billy Crawford, Luis Manzano and Robi Domingo).

I Can See Your Voice (season 2) and The Voice (Teens 2) were the last franchised programs that aired on free-to-air Channel 2 before getting interrupted by both the COVID-19 pandemic and the broadcast license denial. The latter was able to finish through the Kapamilya Channel with four co-champions (one for each coach); for the former is now in limbo after realizing how their first season lasted more than a year.


Who will get the ‘buried treasure’?

Now that Channel 2 is no more, it could mean the division of spoils — for that matter, the unfinished and yet-to-be-started contracts between the elephant in the room and the respective production companies — between the remaining, qualified rivals (TV5 and GMA.)

Although there are online platforms like Kapamilya Online Live to utilize as their digital TV broadcasting project is prohibited, the production companies of franchised programs USUALLY PREFER free-to-air coverage, as far as the Turf is concerned.

Why? The primary reason for that is to get the maximum, possible reach; second is for copyright issues.

Anyway, what would be the pros and cons of Kamuning and Reliance on getting that precious booty?


Logically speaking, the sole TV giant from Timog Avenue is next in line since they have an equal reach as its former competitor. The track record there was conservative. With the declaration of the corporation’s operation “debt-free,” it should be another logical parameter that this network should get that treasure.

There are obvious setbacks:

  • As they are not a KBP member for a bit more than 17 years now, this would turn off viewers as the network accept unlimited ad loads without regard to the attention span of the viewers. (No wonder, KMJS viewers keep complaining over this.)
  • Entertainment executives in Kamuning seem to be contented with what they have (i.e. resting on their laurels) and are hesitant to take the risks.
  • The reality shows they desperately pitted against the former rival tend to be “original” — like Centerstage and The Clash. With the tables turned and they are given the offer, will Direk Louie Ignacio decide to give in?

In case you don’t know, before the quarantine period, the network acquired the franchise rights to have our version of South Korea’s famous Sunday variety show Running Man.

Regardless, placing in their own hands would incite an online dumpster fire between staunch Kapuso loyalists and displaced solid Kapamilya viewers blending in.


TV5, which gained programming momentum since last month, could continue where Dos left off since they would reach out their hands for displaced talents and personalities like a Good Samaritan. There’s a solid nutcase who presented a strong case of the network to be the new home for Big Brother with improvements and rectification of the errors of the ways the previous network has done for 15 years.

One big challenge: When PBA resumes action at least this October, such shows would have to wait until at least 9:00 p.m. on the affected game days.

When it comes to blending in, they wouldn’t mind unlike in the case of GMA.

Another Option and Afterthought

In both cases, this may not be materialized for now because of the prevailing prohibition of gathering a live audience and/or walk-in auditions.

If some learners who are not ready in adapting to the new normal in education called for an “academic freeze,” then why not have a “programming freeze” for this specific genre?

That being said, if someone would ask if we will have our local version of The Masked Singer, then the answer to this question, for now, is we just don’t know and shrug. (But I heard last Thursday that TV5 secure the rights in partnership with VIVA and air it next month. Anyway, best of luck.)

NOTE: This is the third and last post of the very dense week of post-mortem thoughts on the post-Kapamilya Philippine television. In fact, it filled up all the slots that are calculated for the whole month and the next scheduled post would be published in October. Urgent topic proposals that happened or will happen for the rest of the month will depend on our discretion.

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#Zeitgeist2018: The Timow’s Turf Year-End Special (Part I)

ANOTHER EVENTFUL YEAR will be over. But before moving forward to 2019, we will look back on the events that shaped 2018 over the Philippine media.

This is the first of two-part series, containing 18 stories are arranged in no particular order.

For this year’s twist, the Turf appended the GIF reactions to each moment for appropriate reaction for certain people or situation.

The Bottom (Random) Nine

#18. Eat Bulaga’s Lipat Bahay

APT studios final.jpg

After years of rumors and speculations, Eat Bulaga finally moved to APT Studios in Cainta, Rizal, leaving Broadway Centrum on December 8 after 23 years.

This is the fifth studio for the longest noontime show but the first to be independently funded.

It happened just in time as part of EB 4.0 year-long celebration, even though the LRT 2 East Extension Project, which transcends the studio, is not yet finished.

While the location and equipment changed, the aesthetics and the segments remained the same.

Loyal EB fans who are accustomed to going to Broadway or having good memories there  were like:

i miss you.gif

#17. Rambulan sa Bulacan

On July 2, during the final game of the third window of the FIBA World Cup qualifiers in the Philippine Arena, Gilas Pilipinas charged physically against the Australian Boomers with 4 minutes left of the game by punches, hurling a chair and throwing of bottled water.



The nine players from the Philippines and three from Australia were ejected. However, the game abandoned soon after, leaving Australia victorious 83-59.

Currently, the Gilas players involved in the brawl are serving their suspensions and head coach Chot Reyes was replaced with Yeng Guiao.

The fans in the Philippine Arena at that time went:

wala na finish na.gif


#16. Barangay 143: Desperate to Win

Brgy 143

After two years in the making and in marketing the hype, the locally made anime was an attempt to revitalize the compromised, abridged GMA Astig Authority.

The protagonist, Bren T. Park, was voiced by Starstruck season 6 ultimate male survivor Migo Adecer with Julie Anne San Jose as Vicky. Edu Manzano and John Arcilla, though portraying in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, lent their voices as the league’s high-ranking officials.

Currently, they’re on season break until February. After eight (8) episodes, the local anime fared within the 6% rating (Kantar) but it failed to defeat its competing show by 2 percentage points.

Despite that, the series gets the green light for international distribution.

Because of the aforementioned ratings, fans of the anime were like:

Paano mo nasabe?

#15. Going Beyond K-Drama

Both ABS and GMA claimed to be the true (continuous) home of Asianovelas for 15 years this year. Aside from the usual Koreanovelas, both networks went beyond it.

Asianovelas 2018.png

The former broadcast the Mainland China’s version of Meteor Garden before TV Patrol, in addition to A Love So Beautiful. The latter aired their first dubbed Turkishnovela “Wings of Love” during the mid-morning slot from July 2 to September 14, in addition to few Lakorn series (Thai drama) and a Thai remake of Koreanovela’s Princess Hours.

Regarding the Turkishnovela (which is proposed by Guian Surbona), it would have been a good topic to write this year but then, it wasn’t important for others by choice:

Ron Burgundy.gif

#14. The Songbird’s Flight Back

Regine Ogie and Charo

It was hard for Regine Velasquez to be alone as the living pillar of GMA Network where her old friends, including her husband Ogie, were enjoying on the other side of the fence. On September 29, she gatecrashed to the ABS-CBN Ball to reunite her old S.O.P. friends.


After hosting The Clash, which Golden Canedo won the inaugural title, Regine finally signed the contract after two decades with so many expected offers from the network’s management.

Though the GMA’s management had no hard feelings and respected her decision, it’s hard to accept for die-hard fans of both the network and the artist.

But they’re praying for her return to the Kapuso network anytime:


#13. CNN Philippines’ Kids Block

CNNPH Newsroom Junior Anchors.jpg

On September 1, CNN Philippines aired the junior edition of Newsroom during weekends as a testing ground for teens for a fruitful career in broadcasting or mass communication just like 5 And Up in the 1990s.

Before their iteration, they aired selected cartoons from CNN’s sister channel, Cartoon Network.

Unlike in 2014, they did not change the name of the channel.

This made the news channel puritans (NCP) agitated and shouted:


#12. New League on the Block

MPBL 2018 logo

On January 25, Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League was inaugurated and aired on S+A. Founded by Senator Manny Pacquiao, the new league seemed to be a revival of the geographically-based Metropolitan Basketball Association in the 1990s.

The hype of MPBL led to the dwindling of the Philippine Basketball Association’s gate attendance, despite that the new league is not intended to be direct competitors.

Because of that, the teams expanded from 10 (all from Luzon) to 26 (covering the whole country splitting into Northern and Southern Division).

Currently, they are playing on the Datu Cup which began since June 12 and will wrap up in the following June.

Concerning the duration and the treatment of the new league:

How Long

#11. TVPlus’ Trial Channels

With 6.3 million units of ABS-CBN TV Plus sold, the demands keep on growing as well.





The trial within the second UHF channel (UHF 16), containing Asianovela Channel, Movie Central, Jeepney TV, Myx, O Shopping will end this New Year’s Eve.

By that time, we will determine if any of the channels will continue to be part of the exclusive subchannels as what CineMo and Yey are.

Speculators on the fate of the second digital channel’s possible permanency would  responsd:


No Surprise

#10. Bagani, Busted Before the Launch

Despite the success in social media and in the rating game, the LizQuen-starred teleserye was least pleasing before the launch — from casting and the titling that alarmed the historians, indigenous peoples and the Commission on Higher Education.

During the broadcast, another criticism would be the least serious storyline and treatment of the Babaylans, which the latter drew ire of rival network’s head writer Suzette Doctolero.

The lack of seriousness was memorable in details from the chant “Mekeni, mekeni, dugdug doremi” to one warrior’s “hypebeast” sandal to the plot twist of ending setting in modern-day Manila.

Suzette and fantaserye fans were like:

I mean seriously

Oh, the same would apply for Victor Magtanggol.


Special Mentions

  • Lipat lokasyon of IBC 13 where Broadcast City will be demolished and converted into Larossa condominium
  • Solar Sports’ non-involvement on covering Pacquiao vs Matthysse
  • Ryza Cenon’s transfer to ABS-CBN
  • CNN Philippines’ weekly business show Business Roundup after a year of promise
  • The launch of ANC-X, a lifestyle block of the cable news channel
  • The launch of Oras ng Himala Channel on SkyCable and PopLife as BEAM 32’s digital subchannel

Part II of this series will be up next Saturday, December 29.

Photos (not counting GIF reactions) courtesy of ABS-CBN, CNN Philippines and PEP

2018 Christmas Station IDs

[Request revived by Paul Justin Baloloy, originally proposed by Bryan Calvin]

Updated: December 6, 2018

IT’S EXACTLY four weeks before Christmas.

That means in PH media industry, it’s the showcase of the joyous, seasonal identification for the networks — both on television and on radio.

The main thing about it is that Christmas station identity keeps on changing every year with a very common, timeless message. Thus, they are non-recyclable.


Battle in South Triangle

Both ABS-CBN and GMA officially released their seasonal music video last November 18 on their respective afternoon variety shows instead of the following, usual Monday after their early evening newscasts (blame Vice Ganda’s blabber on It’s Showtime for that).

This is considered to be the latest in terms of the date of release and both respective titles are obviously based on their nicknames.

ABS-CBN: “Family Is Love”


Performers: All talents of ABS-CBN* (such as TNT Boys and recently with emphasis, Regine Velasquez), UST Singers, AFP Chorale, ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra, Ramon Magsaysay High School Chorale – Manila, Koro Bangkal Magbikin

Durations (excluding the 20 second YouTube outro):

  • Lyric video (released the previous day) — 4 minutes 43 seconds (shorter by one and a half minutes than last year)
  • Music video — 13 minutes 6 seconds (longer by almost four minutes than last year)

Like the preceding years, it’s an emphasizing juxtapose of different life stories of the passing year — such as the brothers of soldiers who fought in Marawi in 2017, Asian Games skateboarding gold medalist Margielyn Didal and her family and a foreigner doctor — with repetitive, ear-worming chorus.

According to’s commentary, it highlighted a new definition for family: inclusivity.

GMA: Ipadama ang #PusoNgPasko



Performers: Established and surviving singing talents (e.g. Julie Anne San Jose, Alden Richards, Christian Bautista and Aicelle Santos) and The Clash competitors with its grand champion Golden Cañedo


  • Lyric video (released two days after) — 4 minutes 22 seconds (longer by a minute)
  • Music video — 7 minutes 55 seconds (shorter by one and a half minutes)

The message, according to, captures the belief that Christmas is for sharing and giving.

Introduced by news pillar Jessica Soho, the music video circulates the acts of charity and humanitarianism. In the final shots of the video, Atty. Felipe Gozon and key officials and employees greeted zooming out the multi-colored GMA Network Center.

Other networks

The 5 Network did not emulate due to lack of entertainment talents. Coach Chot decided not to scout Gilas Pilipinas, PBA players and other sporting personalities, alongside the vestiges of the news department, to take part of the campaign.

This year, it is Tis the Season of Winning.

Government-owned PTV have theirs, as proven by PCOO Assistant Secretary Kris Ablan and the network’s personality Jules Guiang, albeit short for excusable reasons.

Like in ABS, they show the presence of the personalities but they don’t sing along and in GMA, they end up with their physical facilities — in this case, the transmitter.

The embattled, vegetative IBC 13 rendered their CSID simply on a 30-second animation.


While the major broadcasters that owned major television frequencies can adapt for their radio counterparts or add jingling bells to their own station ID, it’s rare for non-major players to create its music video.

One of them is Brigada News FM. The embedded video below was rendered and played for the 2016 holiday season as this year’s iteration is not officially posted.

*Not all talents, for one, Luis Manzano and his girlfriend Jessy Mendiola vacationed to Okinawa.

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Why is the World of Dance Philippines Not Airing Yet?

[NOTE: This is inspired, but not requested, by JC Domondon and dedicated to Sairen]

WHEN Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Season 2 (where the TNT Boys unsurprisingly became the champions) on ABS-CBN was about to end, the trailer plugs of World of Dance Philippines were promoted to the small screens during the commercial breaks, making viewers look forward to their immediate replacement.

Instead of that, the currently-running replacement is an original concept, The Kids’ Choice, enjoying a 28+ rating (Kantar) as the top show of the weekend primetime slot.

The last-minute replacement (current) show’s overview was explained by Ralph of From The Tube:

What if the kids are the judges of a reality talent show?

In a role reversal of sorts, ABS-CBN will give its young child stars an opportunity to play the part of judges on ‘The Kids’ Choice’.

x x x

Every week, the Just Kids League will discuss and evaluate the performance of four “Fambatos” or non-celebrity families brimming with talent. Being the youngest of the bunch, expect these kids to be more spontaneous with their comments.

Despite the receipts (for regular “non-millennial” term: proof) from social media, it seems the primary and agreeable reason is WODPH is not on the taste of the masses as they did not get over from YFSFK 2’s repercussions.

To those who were disappointed, scammed or pinaasa (given false hopes) who auditioned particularly for that show through Star Hunt, the Turf understands the deep sentiment over the network’s last-minute drop and we try to go deeper.

The Supposed Replacement Show in Concept

In their country of origin (the United States), the World of Dance — which just ended its second season on NBC is divided into four divisions, regardless of their dance styles: Junior (groups of 1-4, under 18), Upper (groups of 1-4, 18 and older), Junior Team (groups of 5+, under 18) and Upper Team (groups of 5+, 18 and older).

The elimination process of the competition proper has four sequential rounds: the Qualifiers (where contestants have to qualify with at least 80 points to survive), the Duels (where the contestants choose their opponent starting with the highest scorer from the qualifiers), the Cut (where mentors are assigned to each division to prepare the contestants for their performances; the top three scoring acts in each division move on to The Division Finals) and the Division Finals (where mentors still support the contestants from each division but the top scoring act in each division will become division champion and move on to The World Final)

The World Final is the grand finale where all four division champions battle it out for the grand prize of US$1,000,000 (~PHP 53.92 million).

The points system are judged by five (5) categories of equal weight — 20 points each for performance, technique, choreography, creativity and presentation — for a perfect score of 100.

Possible Application for PH’s Setting

Unlike Dance Kids, WoDPH’s qualifications are wider: participants must be at least 8 years old and are open to both amateurs and professionals.

The process would likely be the same.

Challenges and Threats

Going back to the main question, even though the show’s auditions have been recorded and edited in the post as the set is already up, the delay has been impliedly justified with other two following factors, aside from the taste we primarily said at the star. First is the hectic schedule of supposed judges and second is the presenter must be from the experienced Trinity — Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford or Robi Domingo. (The man in the middle hosted YFSFK2 and thus needs to rest. Luis still hosts I Can See Your Voice, which will tackle a bit later and Robi is currently hosting TKC)

A season of any weekend competition show over Mother Ignacia, regardless if franchised or original, lasts at least 2.5 months (about 11 weeks or 22 episodes).

That being said, after The Kids’ Choice, WODPH might have to wait until at least mid-November but then, even more, popular franchised competition shows on the network’s backlog might possibly overtake, especially the return of Little Big Shots 2, The Voice PH or Pilipinas Got Talent 7.

Another franchised competition show that is still running on Dos is I Can See Your Voice. ICSYV‘s gameplay and direction are different from the South Korean original; in our setting, instead of releasing as a digital single, the SEE-nger has a quick ticket to enter Tawag ng Tanghalan on It’s Showtime — yes, that staple segment that is walang-kamatayan (never dies) and enabler of the pushing other shows late.

The show now runs a bit more than a year but its first season is not yet finished but user Alpha on that FTT article warned that Pinoy Big Brother will be the projected replacement once it ends.

Contractual Implications, Solution & Reality Check

The contract between Nuyorican Productions (one of the production companies behind the U.S. version, owned by Jennifer Lopez) — or its exclusively local yet unnamed distributor — and ABS-CBN (owned and chaired by another-but-obviously-not-related-to-Jennifer, Mark Lopez) is ostensible but definitely not publicized.

Nonetheless, if the network still fails to materialize if they did not settle the requirements and conflicts within, Nuyorican could simply rescind the contract, due to the network’s internal constraint of programming and constant pandering to the demands of the masses.

Reigniting the Spirit of the Turf‘s Advocacy

The Turf already made the solution four years ago on the case of broadcast programming grid reform four years ago on fixing TV season, in addition, the gradual reduction of teleseryes’ frequency from five to one or two to accommodate other genres.

Overall, there is another strong benefit of defending in light of the matter: lessening the breach of contracts with outside producers and/or local distributors.

Reality: The Unavoidable Deadweight

It can be done but as always, reality check hampers our constructive criticisms to be pursued as the business model of Mother Ignacia remains smartly yet monstrously rich while caring less about the quality of programming and its discipline.

As Ralph said, the long delay “could cost” the supposed show’s rating. He could not wait for the network to arrive forever on WODPH or it could be GMA’s gain.

To be honest, Kamuning is not even keen on acquiring franchises and their stars are too hard to be scouted as mentor judges (well, there’s Mark Herras and if only they have learned very hard from The Clash.)

Not just on weekends but on weekdays too (Afterthought)

The case of delay by the network can also happen on teleseryes. Last year, The Promise of Forever, set mostly in the Czech Republic, was pre-produced after a year of filming. It was delayed due to their response to the appeals of Koreanovela fans over Love in the Moonlight which consequently costed the ratings due to demotion as part of the Kapamilya Gold (their afternoon block).

The equivalent will apply for The General’s Daughter, the prepared replacement of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, which will turn three (3) years old by next Friday (28th). Despite the hinted posts of artists involved via their respective Instagram accounts — especially Angel Locsin and Ryza Cenon (for the second acting stint but first full time after jumping the fence) — and significant and substantial saturation of viewers from watching him over this feat, Cardo Dalisay’s saga is far from over.

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