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#Zeitgeist2018: The Timow’s Turf Year-End Special (Part II)

ANOTHER EVENTFUL YEAR will be over. But before moving forward to 2019, we will look back on the events that shaped 2018 over the Philippine media.

This is the second of two-part series, containing 18 stories are arranged in no particular order. (See Part I here.)

For this year’s twist, the Turf appended the GIF reactions to each moment for the appropriate reaction for certain people or situation.

The Top (Random) Nine

#9. PH Cable Wave

The first half of 2018 triggered a big wave over the Philippine cable industry by either closure or rebranding of certain channels. Some reasons why that happened is due to redundancies, the rise of cord cutters, unsatisfied return of investments and changing preference.

Local channels

On January, ABS-CBN Regional Channel and TAG were pulled off but HERO, the sister anime channel, became the most notorious after 12 years. Never forget that they also launched LIGA on that month as a reincarnation of Balls. On April 2, Lifestyle became The Metro Channel.

Last May 28, Bloomberg Philippines — the sole specialty channel — became ONE News Channel after bearing three years of licensing rights.

Foreign channels

Another children’s entertainment channel, Toonami, folded its Southeast Asian iteration last March. By the end of this year, AMC and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will be pulled out not just from SkyCable but to all cable operators nationwide.

In a nutshell, this is our GIF reaction:

Surf's Up.gif

#8. Like gets Disliked

Last May, DWLA-FM 105.9 in Manila changed its brand and format without publicity both on air and on social media, save the observation in the PinoyExchange forum months before their imminent fate.

After four years, DCG’s Retro 105.9 became Like 105.9 after failing to settle its debts and issuance of pink slips. The format shifted from classic throwback hits to Adult Top 40.

Although the frequency owner (Bright Star Broadcasting Network) got their franchise renewed, instability and internal dissatisfaction remain the haunting issues.

Meanwhile, Brigada Mass Media Communication be like:

Mr Burns Excellent

#7. New (Encrypted) Competitor


On June 5, 2nd Avenue parked for the very last time — marking another Solar Entertainment’s blow. The following day, RJTV 29 restored and shut down its analog transmitters, becoming the second channel to be fully digital after Light Network 33.

Nearly at the same time, Easy TV Super Digibox was publicly announced — even though it was launched on the market about two weeks ago. Similar to TVPlus, it is encrypted in favor of Solar Entertainment Channels with two UHF channels (22 and 30) containing 16 subchannels (including AniPlus and Basketball TV).

Now that TVPlus is extending the second channel until February, Tieng brothers were like (amidst the legal stadndoff on BTV):

I'm trembling.gif

#6. Meme-ification of Police Reports

Police Reports Memes.jpg

Crime reports in Mega Manila that are projected in national newscasts is really annoying for viewers in the provinces.

But in the time of trust issues with the police and the government in general, netizens would really need to kill time. This year, it made a mark by lifting up from this specific genre for comedic purposes — specifically on the interview of the suspect.

Their phrases, like “advanced akong mag-isip” and “paano mo nasabi“, become part of the ordinary parlance, part of TV sketch comedies and witty opportunity for the marketing departments (Hint: Search MayWard McDo commercials on YouTube).

Some elders were shocked by this trend. For them, it is not right to poke fun at convicted criminals and not to emulate them on their wrongdoings…

Obvious ba.gif

#5. It’s Showtime’s Domino Effect

Since February, the daily noontime show ended a bit longer than the scheduled 3:20 p.m. affecting other shows that follow, due to Vice Ganda’s long tsismis and antics on the live broadcast. Even if Vice is out, his colleagues has influence.

Throughout observation, this show ended as late as 4:00 p.m.

Despite the success in raking more advertising revenue and catching up for Metro Manila viewers, it affected other viewers who are not loyal to the noontime show — particularly on the surviving regional newscasts in the Regional Network Group and TV Patrol’s Noli de Castro. In addition, DZMM is affected since they have to simulcast TVP.

Because of the heated duopolistic competition, Wowowin responded to make it even.

What Vice Ganda has now is what Kris Aquino had in the earlier part of the decade — the influence which leads to the management to chill and leave him alone while sacrificing other stars. Unlike Kris, Vice Ganda is exposed every day.

In the eyes of the management, self-control means this:

Not Impoerant.gif

The positive karma is that neither himself nor his shows won any of this year’s PMPC Star Awards for Television.

Publicists’ psyche were like:

The light is coming.gif



#4. GMA’s Extraordinary Dramas

While ABS-CBN’s drama remains successful in ratings and in social media engagements (ehem, Halik) amidst a domino effect from It’s Showtime that tackled just earlier, there is not much distinction in terms of the teleseryes’ character development, premise and plot.

Sure, GMA has the same problems with Ika-5 Utos for being a “continuation” of the Ten Commandments series (aside from both directed by Laurice Gullien) and Victor Magtanggol for being unoriginal as Alyas Robin Hood  back in 2016.

However, there are two currently running dramas on Kamuning that shed some positive light amidst the cliches: Onanay is a drama regarding the struggle of a mother with dwarfism (played by Jo Berry) while My Special Tatay is, as said on the title, about a father who has a mild intellectual disability (played by Ken Chan).

Oscars Applause.gif


#3. PTV’s Muddled Year

For 2018, this government TV network was flagged with three events.

In April, the Commission on Audit flagged the station in their audit report over the P 60 million ad placement of the Department of Tourism (headed by then-Secretary Wanda Teo) to Bitag Media of her brother, Ben, without proper documentation. Because of the siblings, it eventually led to the Secretary’s voluntary dismissal and Ben’s program (Kilos Pronto) to be axed. Although Ben came back with the usual praising the administration and bickering against his enemies on the other program, the money has not returned yet (or possibly, they will not return at all).

In August to September, three Tagalog-dubbed programs from Mainland China — two dramas and one children’s series — were aired but critics served it as propaganda. In other words, they are projecting the President’s effective foreign policy, which was witnessed in last November’s visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

This month, instead of cash bonuses at their Christmas party, contractual employees and talents were given retrenchment letters — an irony to the administration’s initiative to end contractualization — with an employee vented out of her frustrations.

Overheard at PCOO on these issues:

Collar tug

Don’t feel bad for them. The only positive thing that they have done this year was the Lotto Draw. On October 14, the Ultra Lotto jackpot reached the largest prize to date — almost P 1.2 billion — which won by two bettors.


#2. Mr. Imbestigador’s Health Watch

The pillar of GMA News and Radio division made a big announcement after a much prolonged absence this year.

He underwent medical leave for his kidney medication and heart bypass surgery.

During his absence (inclusive of allowance of his recovery), Atom Araullo became his pinch hitter on the weekday edition of 24 Oras before his return in October.

With this year of meme-ification, he will remembered for the slip of the tongue in his segment as the “Sumbungan ng Hotdog” (rather than Hotline).

Take it away, Guy Fieri:



#1. Rappler’s Struggle

Since January 15, the online news site struggled to cover amidst the revocation of SEC registration to tax evasion charges as a result of publishing critical yet comprehensive articles of the present administration.

With that, their Palace correspondent (Pia Ranada) was barred from entering the Palace complex and further covering the President’s activities and press conferences.


With the hashtags that support and defend the site since then after series of posting bail, its CEO, Maria Ressa, became one of TIME Persons of the Year as “guardians” in the “war on truth,” alongside assassinated Saudi Arabian columnist Jamal Khashoggi, two Reuters journalists from Myanmar for covering the Rohingya massacre and the staff of a Maryland newspaper got involved in the shooting.

The heads of the DDS fanatics and apologists were like:

Kingsman head explosion


Special Mentions

  • GMA Online Exclusives
  • Reinvigoration of iWant
  • Return of Precious Hearts Romances on ABS-CBN
  • Studio 7
  • Government radio stations on Top 10 (FM1 87.5, FM2 104.3 and RP1 738)
  • Alleged palakasan and privacy violations by Manila Broadcasting Company on sacking DJ Aira and Kara
  • Billboard Philippines’ sudden demise
  • Wish 107.5 rolling a new mobile bus in America
  • Gino Quillamor’s departure from Monster RX 93.1
  • Gretchen Fullido’s harassment case
  • The decrease of ABS-CBN’s regional programming in for their centralized HD conversion and digital television testing.
  • The meme-ification of augmented reality in 24 Oras.
  • Self-acclaimed (Di umanong) paranormal expert Ed Caluag on KMJS Gabi ng Lagim
  • Net 25 achieving three new PMPC Star Awards (two for Children’s Show & Host and one for Musical Variety Show due to ASAP’s hall of fame status)


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I would like to thank the following, specific people (stans) that made the Turf this 2018: Rexdel Yabut Mallari, Charles Miguel Tapuyao and of course, the most loyal of them all, Gian Paolo de la Cruz.

The 2018 blogging season is sealed; let’s call that a year.

From Timow’s Turf, we greet everyone with an exuberant…


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Photos (not counting GIF) courtesy of: Inside Manila, Adobo Tech and Time Magazine

#Zeitgeist2018: The Timow’s Turf Year-End Special (Part I)

ANOTHER EVENTFUL YEAR will be over. But before moving forward to 2019, we will look back on the events that shaped 2018 over the Philippine media.

This is the first of two-part series, containing 18 stories are arranged in no particular order.

For this year’s twist, the Turf appended the GIF reactions to each moment for appropriate reaction for certain people or situation.

The Bottom (Random) Nine

#18. Eat Bulaga’s Lipat Bahay

APT studios final.jpg

After years of rumors and speculations, Eat Bulaga finally moved to APT Studios in Cainta, Rizal, leaving Broadway Centrum on December 8 after 23 years.

This is the fifth studio for the longest noontime show but the first to be independently funded.

It happened just in time as part of EB 4.0 year-long celebration, even though the LRT 2 East Extension Project, which transcends the studio, is not yet finished.

While the location and equipment changed, the aesthetics and the segments remained the same.

Loyal EB fans who are accustomed to going to Broadway or having good memories there  were like:

i miss you.gif

#17. Rambulan sa Bulacan

On July 2, during the final game of the third window of the FIBA World Cup qualifiers in the Philippine Arena, Gilas Pilipinas charged physically against the Australian Boomers with 4 minutes left of the game by punches, hurling a chair and throwing of bottled water.



The nine players from the Philippines and three from Australia were ejected. However, the game abandoned soon after, leaving Australia victorious 83-59.

Currently, the Gilas players involved in the brawl are serving their suspensions and head coach Chot Reyes was replaced with Yeng Guiao.

The fans in the Philippine Arena at that time went:

wala na finish na.gif


#16. Barangay 143: Desperate to Win

Brgy 143

After two years in the making and in marketing the hype, the locally made anime was an attempt to revitalize the compromised, abridged GMA Astig Authority.

The protagonist, Bren T. Park, was voiced by Starstruck season 6 ultimate male survivor Migo Adecer with Julie Anne San Jose as Vicky. Edu Manzano and John Arcilla, though portraying in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, lent their voices as the league’s high-ranking officials.

Currently, they’re on season break until February. After eight (8) episodes, the local anime fared within the 6% rating (Kantar) but it failed to defeat its competing show by 2 percentage points.

Despite that, the series gets the green light for international distribution.

Because of the aforementioned ratings, fans of the anime were like:

Paano mo nasabe?

#15. Going Beyond K-Drama

Both ABS and GMA claimed to be the true (continuous) home of Asianovelas for 15 years this year. Aside from the usual Koreanovelas, both networks went beyond it.

Asianovelas 2018.png

The former broadcast the Mainland China’s version of Meteor Garden before TV Patrol, in addition to A Love So Beautiful. The latter aired their first dubbed Turkishnovela “Wings of Love” during the mid-morning slot from July 2 to September 14, in addition to few Lakorn series (Thai drama) and a Thai remake of Koreanovela’s Princess Hours.

Regarding the Turkishnovela (which is proposed by Guian Surbona), it would have been a good topic to write this year but then, it wasn’t important for others by choice:

Ron Burgundy.gif

#14. The Songbird’s Flight Back

Regine Ogie and Charo

It was hard for Regine Velasquez to be alone as the living pillar of GMA Network where her old friends, including her husband Ogie, were enjoying on the other side of the fence. On September 29, she gatecrashed to the ABS-CBN Ball to reunite her old S.O.P. friends.


After hosting The Clash, which Golden Canedo won the inaugural title, Regine finally signed the contract after two decades with so many expected offers from the network’s management.

Though the GMA’s management had no hard feelings and respected her decision, it’s hard to accept for die-hard fans of both the network and the artist.

But they’re praying for her return to the Kapuso network anytime:


#13. CNN Philippines’ Kids Block

CNNPH Newsroom Junior Anchors.jpg

On September 1, CNN Philippines aired the junior edition of Newsroom during weekends as a testing ground for teens for a fruitful career in broadcasting or mass communication just like 5 And Up in the 1990s.

Before their iteration, they aired selected cartoons from CNN’s sister channel, Cartoon Network.

Unlike in 2014, they did not change the name of the channel.

This made the news channel puritans (NCP) agitated and shouted:


#12. New League on the Block

MPBL 2018 logo

On January 25, Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League was inaugurated and aired on S+A. Founded by Senator Manny Pacquiao, the new league seemed to be a revival of the geographically-based Metropolitan Basketball Association in the 1990s.

The hype of MPBL led to the dwindling of the Philippine Basketball Association’s gate attendance, despite that the new league is not intended to be direct competitors.

Because of that, the teams expanded from 10 (all from Luzon) to 26 (covering the whole country splitting into Northern and Southern Division).

Currently, they are playing on the Datu Cup which began since June 12 and will wrap up in the following June.

Concerning the duration and the treatment of the new league:

How Long

#11. TVPlus’ Trial Channels

With 6.3 million units of ABS-CBN TV Plus sold, the demands keep on growing as well.





The trial within the second UHF channel (UHF 16), containing Asianovela Channel, Movie Central, Jeepney TV, Myx, O Shopping will end this New Year’s Eve.

By that time, we will determine if any of the channels will continue to be part of the exclusive subchannels as what CineMo and Yey are.

Speculators on the fate of the second digital channel’s possible permanency would  responsd:


No Surprise

#10. Bagani, Busted Before the Launch

Despite the success in social media and in the rating game, the LizQuen-starred teleserye was least pleasing before the launch — from casting and the titling that alarmed the historians, indigenous peoples and the Commission on Higher Education.

During the broadcast, another criticism would be the least serious storyline and treatment of the Babaylans, which the latter drew ire of rival network’s head writer Suzette Doctolero.

The lack of seriousness was memorable in details from the chant “Mekeni, mekeni, dugdug doremi” to one warrior’s “hypebeast” sandal to the plot twist of ending setting in modern-day Manila.

Suzette and fantaserye fans were like:

I mean seriously

Oh, the same would apply for Victor Magtanggol.


Special Mentions

  • Lipat lokasyon of IBC 13 where Broadcast City will be demolished and converted into Larossa condominium
  • Solar Sports’ non-involvement on covering Pacquiao vs Matthysse
  • Ryza Cenon’s transfer to ABS-CBN
  • CNN Philippines’ weekly business show Business Roundup after a year of promise
  • The launch of ANC-X, a lifestyle block of the cable news channel
  • The launch of Oras ng Himala Channel on SkyCable and PopLife as BEAM 32’s digital subchannel

Part II of this series will be up next Saturday, December 29.

Photos (not counting GIF reactions) courtesy of ABS-CBN, CNN Philippines and PEP

‘The Cure’ Fails Its Experiment To Subside FPJAP Supervirus

A CAT may have nine lives but GMA’s such a numerical attempt failed to beat down the unstoppable supervirus of Mother Ignacia (i.e. FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano).

By Friday (July 27), The Cure (dir. Mark A. Reyes) will close out with 65 episodes with, unsurprisingly, no signs of finale fanfare from social media handles.

Here is an except from From the Tube‘s on the series:

The story of ‘The Cure’ involves an experimental drug that kills cancer cells, but the side effect of it is that a highly dangerous and contagious virus called Monkey Virus Disease (MVD) will mutate and cause seizures and violent outbreaks to infected people. The disease quickly spreads throughout the country and will only continue to do so unless a cure can be found.

Married couple Charity (Jennylyn [Mercado]), a former registered nurse, and Gregory (Tom [Rodriguez]), a clinical research associate in a pharmaceutical company, are living a happy life with their daughter Hope (Leanne Bautista), until Greg’s mother Agnes (Irma Adlawan) is diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Agnes is given an experimental drug, but her health got worse as she is infected with MVD.

That drug, in turn, was discovered by Dr. Evangeline Lazaro (Jaclyn Jose), who works in the same company as Greg. With MVD continuing to wreak havoc across the country, it is up to Charity and Greg to find the necessary cure and prevent the inevitable.

The Cure’ also stars Mark Herras, LJ Reyes, Jay Manalo, Ronnie Henares, Glenda Garcia, Diva Montelaba and Arra San Agustin, with a special participation from Ken Chan.

Kantar registered The Cure‘s recent rating, from July 17 to 20, 2018, ranging from 15.5-16.6 while their adversary took advantage with 42.1-44.4 when at the latter’s primary storyline, the vow of Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) and Alyana (Yassi Pressman) was renewed.

Like their eight attempts since September 2015, the “Cardo Curse” triumphed. In other words, they are not immune to fight against an institution amidst a very devious storyline and genre.

Its replacement, the 10th competitor, Victor Magtanggol (starring Alden Richards, dir. Dominic Zapata) will be tackled in the Turf later this week.

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